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Cara Membuka/Reset Password Windows

Mungkin anda sering lupa password windows anda dan anda harus menginstall ulang windows anda untuk membukanya.Tapi sekarang anda tidak perlu bersusah payah menginstal ulang windows anda karena cukup menggunakan software ini anda akan bisa mereset atau membuka password windows anda, cukup dengan boot melalui PC anda maka password anda akan direset.

How it looks and works :
  • Reset Windows Password - screenshots and documentation
  • Full list of the program features
  • Three simple steps to create a bootable CD, DVD or USB disk
  • Utility for creating bootable disks
  • Running RWP from the bootable disk
  • Modifying BIOS to boot from RWP disk, questions and answers
Features :
  • Simple, intuitive graphic interface. No more ugly DOS prompts.
  • Resets and modifies passwords of local users and administrators, domain administrator, Active Directory users, DSRM account.
  • Advanced password lookup algorithms (also known as AI attack).
  • Dumps user password hashes from SAM for further analysis.
  • Dumps password hashes from Active Directory.
  • Dumps domain cached credentials.
  • Supports all versions of NT-based Windows, including the newest Windows 7.
  • All editions include the utility for creating a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk from the downloadable ISO file with the application.
  • Supports 64-bit Windows.
  • Large collection of IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers.
  • Detects several operating systems installed on the computer.
  • Supports non-English versions of Windows and passwords in national encodings.
  • Allows undoing changes made to the system.
  • Deletes passwords and other sensitive data from the computer.
  • Detailed help.
  • Enables and unlocks user accounts.
  • Disables the password expiry option.
  • Resets SYSKEY (with full user passwords re-encryption)
Installation Notes :
  • Burn to disk.
  • Set boot from DVD drive in BIOS.
  • Restart
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Password :

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